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Factors to Consider in Choosing Coffee Bags

Factors to Consider in Choosing Coffee Bags

There is no perfect type of packaging for your coffee as it all depends on your business scale and customers. When a biodegradable wholesale coffee bags supplier like Zigpac produces coffee bags wholesale, there are a lot of benefits.

Zigpac offers the two pounds coffee bean bag eight side seal one-way air valve kraft paper aluminum foil ziplock bags. The wholesale production of these custom coffee bags (know more) offers many benefits that far outweigh those of the retail production.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Coffee Bags

The packaging of your coffee bag is what will keep it fresh longer, thereby impacting its taste. In order to help save the environment, it is best to have biodegradable coffee bags wholesale. Wholesale coffee bags supplier will have a lot of factors to consider when choosing coffee bags wholesale.

Here are some of these factors:


Coffee labels love their labels for all the right reasons. Stock pouches will require labels that are larger and more complex with company details and pre-printed logo. Customized bags will require labels that are cleaner and smaller to communicate details of the coffee.

The packaging design of the customized bag will demonstrate the brand’s identity perfectly. The label material should match the bag. A label made of matt plastic or paper will blend very nicely with a matt surface.

Shiny labels go very well with shiny bags. Matt plastic labels are transparent and blend well with kraft paper bags to show the paper texture through the label.

It is actually cheaper to print your own labels and more flexible than buying labels that are ready-to-apply. Getting good coffee bags wholesale will create a template in your style, with details you can easily change. Ensure you choose colors with logos and artworks that are pre-printed by a supplier.

colorful  coffee bags

Pouch types

There are many different models of the pouch, the best of which are the airtight and stand-up options. Here are the common pouch types:

  • The Doypack

The daypack is a convenient and very common type of packaging with a bottom that is quite round. Its performed foot will allow the bag to stand up nicely even on shelves despite its filling weight. It often incorporates a zipper to be used for enclosing it.

  • The Side Fold Bag

The side fold bag is a more traditional and cost-efficient packaging style that is easy to use. It is often used in many retail packaging of larger weights. With its straight line, it will have a characteristic minimalistic look but the bag will not stand up well.

To close this type of bag, one has to roll it up or fold it over the top. Then a label or tin tie will be placed on it after the sealing. For example, this type of bag does not use an integrated zipper.

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  • The Quadro Seal Bag

Firstly, this bag is similar to a side fold bag with the main difference being the sealed four corners. It makes the packaging of your coffee bag wholesale to have a square look which makes adding a zipper possible.

  • The Box Pouch/Flat Bottom Bag

Box pouches resemble Quadro seal bags but they have a flat bottom. It looks just like a box with its square style, giving it the perfect stand-up properties and marketing possibilities. The possibilities for biodegradable coffee bags wholesale include:

  • zipper,
  • designs
  • and sizes.


You should opt for biodegradable coffee bags wholesale with a reclosing feature. A zipper is a reclosing feature that is preferred by consumers who prefer to use beans directly from the package. Although the bag usually loses its airtight qualities when it is opened, it can be reclosed.

For example, the ability to reclose your coffee bag will greatly impact the freshness of your coffee beans. It is important to push out all the air from the bag before you close it, to leave minimal oxygen inside.

You can, however, get a coffee bag without a zipper. Bags that do not use zippers are better for one-use products that you will empty out like retail bags. Home users who consume a large amount of coffee every day can also use bags without zippers.

A coffee bag also has to be consumer-friendly so that consumers can get all the beans out, and back in. If your biodegradable coffee bags wholesale can be reclosed, it will be preferable.

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Style of coffee bags wholesale

One of the best ways that companies can distinguish themselves from their competitors is through their packaging. A uniquely designed bag will definitely draw more attention. One good way to establish your style is by using attractive artwork.

One can use:

  • different varnishes, neon or metallic colors,
  • integrated valve and zipper,
  • distinctive measurements, or shaped pouches.

Another point of focus could be consumer friendliness with the use of laser perforation to ease opening the bag.

For instance, the two pounds coffee bean bag eight side seal one-way air valve kraft paper aluminum foil ziplock bag. This custom coffee bag, available at Zigpac’s stores, is made of plastic material and used for packaging snacks and food. It is lightweight, easy to customize, and available for wholesale production.

Creativity is very important because it will bring about endless possibilities in coffee bag packaging. Biodegradable coffee bags wholesale will also allow for more creativity using an eco-friendly approach.

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Sustainability or barrier properties of coffee bags wholesale

It is important for your coffee beans to stay fresh, hence the need for airtight packaging.

Coffee is sensitive to external factors like oxygen, ultraviolet rays, and moisture. Most coffee bags are made of aluminum, polyethylene, paper, and some other multi-laminates.

As a plus, the presence of a degassing valve to let out carbon dioxide from the bag after roasting the beans. In addition, use a heat sealer to seal the bag to make sure your coffee stays fresh. The bag must have barriers which are often 2-ply or 3-ply laminates.

A polyester that is :

  • black or white-based,
  • or a dense artwork printing will keep the UV out of the bag.

Moreso, specialty coffee often consumed in six months can use see-through bags without having direct contact with sunlight. Wholesale coffee bags suppliers have a lot of consider regarding sustainability.

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The filling process

Also, you need to know whether you will be:

  • hand-filling your coffee bags or
  • using coffee packaging equipment.

If you intend to hand-fill your coffee bags, you should:

  • choose a bag style with enough top opening.
  • this opening should be wide enough for your scoop or other filling apparatus.

Moreso, a Doypack has only two corners at the top opening, which will limit the space for a filling tool:

  • A flat bottom bag
  • or quad seal will be more suitable since it has four corners on the top openings.

Hence, the flat bottom bag or quad seal bag will be more ideal for coffee packaging than Daypacks.

Also, hand-packing has its limitations as it can limit the accuracy, throughput, and productivity.

Many modern coffee packaging machines can accommodate many bag sizes and styles. They operate at a very high accuracy level and can make scaling up production easier and faster. This is why the wholesale coffee bag supplier prefers using them.

Whether you decide to fill your coffee bags wholesale manually or with the automatic filling machine, analyze the process and time. Wholesale coffee bags supplier save more time by using this type of filling process. 


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