Home Lifestyle How the use of paper straws could prove beneficial to your cavities

How the use of paper straws could prove beneficial to your cavities

How the use of paper straws could prove beneficial to your cavities

Everyone likes a perfect set of teeth, and lots of people go to great lengths to ensure their teeth stay healthy. An unhealthy set of teeth could damage your self-esteem beyond recognition, as you might eventually find it difficult to smile in public places. However, some unhealthy habits often damage these healthy set of teeth in a way that it causes so much pain to you. One of the many results of these bad habits on your teeth is a cavity.

Cavity refers to those damaged parts of your teeth that eventually form tiny holes and decays. Many people like to use straw in sipping their drinks simply because it’s fanciful. However, the health benefits of sipping your drinks with straw overshadow its catchy appearance. This article highlights ways in which cavity damages your teeth and how the use of paper straws could come handy.

How is a cavity formed in the teeth?

Many things cause the cavity, but the unnoticed one remains sipping of sugary drinks without straws. Each tooth has enamels that are made up of pores, and these pores accommodate bacterias at any given instance. When you sip these drinks, the bacterias in your mouth are empowered to produce acids that wear down the layers of your teeth. While it’s advisable to abstain from sipping such drinks, an excellent way to avoid such beverages storing within your teeth is via the use of straws. Straws provide a great channel to prevent the sugary substances in the drink settling on the teeth.

Who should use straws?

The use of straws in sipping liquid content from containers is not limited to a particular age grade or class. Little kids use bendable straws to sip their drinks when they do not like using bottles. In older adults, straws have proven to be particularly useful for old ones who do not have the required energy to chew food. Furthermore, people with certain diseases of the muscle often find it difficult to eat food, and the use of straws become handy.

What type of straw is ideal?

There are many types of straws available in the market today; however, not all of these straw types of suitable for use. Take, for example, the use of plastic straw is gradually becoming prohibited in many countries due to its non-biodegradable properties. Many other alternatives have since been introduced to consumers, and one of those alternatives is the paper straw. Paper straws are quite beneficial in many ways, and the fact that it’s biodegradable makes it more environment-friendly. Some of the advantages of using paper straw include;

  • It decomposes at a faster rate, and this makes it harmless to the environment.
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors.
  • It can be produced In various shapes and sizes.
  • It can withstand hot and cold use.

Final thoughts

The use of straws in sipping drinks has become a part of everyday life. However, much prominence is not placed on the health benefits of using these straws. This article sheds light on those benefits as well as the availability of the paper straw in multiple colors; this includes black paper straws.


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