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How To Select The Right Backing for Your Mall Patches

How To Select The Right Backing for Your  Mall Patches

There are several backing options when it comes to customizing your mall matches. It’s vital to make sure that you understand every aspect of backing before you proceed. Each type of backing for your mall patch represents a particular purpose. Therefore, you need to understand the basics of having the right mall patch for your store. You also need to determine if you’d like to have a permanent backing or temporary material. In this article, you’ll learn how to select the right backing by clicking on mallpatches.com.

Using The Iron Backing Material on Mall Patches

 This is not only a fast but easy way to the attachment. Mount the mall patch on a piece of clothing and then cover it using a thin towel. This will help in preventing scalding. Then, take your iron and place it on the patch for about 30 seconds. This should be enough time to allow it to get seated fully. The iron backing is pretty easy to install. With that said, the standard home iron has a temperature of 300of. It may be used to connect various iron blocks for about 8 seconds.

Using Velcro Backing for Patches 

Using high-quality Velcro backing is another way to get your customized mall patches. It has a hook as well as a loop design. Other than that, these backings have a sew-seam. This element can assist in patching up the design onto the material.  This will allow you to work with the soft side. If you often need new mall patches for your store, you may use this material to make small adjustments from time to time. With that said, hooks are also a better option. However, if there aren’t connectors, you may use the side Velcro process.

Using Plastic Backing For  Your Patches

When it comes to identifying the right mall patches for your brand, plastic is also a consideration. A rigid plastic backing may be used to give that patch a customized look. This also offers additional support for the patch. This implies that even when used continuously, the mall patch will still retain in its original shape. Using a plastic backing for the mall patch will add stiffness coupled with support to the material. This will allow it to maintain a flat position over time.

Tap Adhesive Backing For Mall Patches 

This is an easy -to -remove and versatile backing for your mall patches. It is also less permanent compared to other backings. This is an excellent option for people who need a fast choice for outfits and designs. Being that the adhesive is convenient, the material is an excellent option for embroidery patches. Besides, the background process is pretty simple. Even though adhesive backing is a great backing option, it won’t last for some significant time. Perhaps that’s the only main disadvantage.

Backing for Your  Mall Patches

Take Away

When using the iron support on your mall patches, you will receive temporary security since it doesn’t last long. However, it’s highly recommended that you use the patch since it’s perfect for creating ceremonial patches. However, you shouldn’t utilize it for practice as well as training. Iron backings are pretty fragile. They may be used in placing a mall patch during the process of sewing. Since there are many types of backing for mall patches, you may find it daunting to select the right one for your project. That’s why you should consider reading more about the subject in this article.


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