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Airpots: The Best Drink Dispenser For You

Airpots: The Best Drink Dispenser For You

You might have heard about airpots from your coffee-loving friends or in a coffee shop. You might have even seen one brought by them in a quick picnic or get-together. These peculiar items might have piqued your curiosity at why they’re being used. We’re here to answer all your questions about them!

What is an airpot?

An airpot is a portable vacuum insulated drink dispenser that looks very similar to a thermos bottle. It also does the same things like a thermos bottle: it can keep hot (and even cold) drinks and maintain their temperature as long as possible. Their distinctive difference is that an airpot has a dispensing pipe or spigot. A button or a lever pumps out that delicious coffee or tea from inside to a cup, making it more convenient to use than a thermos.

Types of Airpot Materials

There are two types of materials used in airpots. Glass-lined airpots provide better insulation and should keep your drinks warm or cold longer. However, these are more expensive, and being glass, can break instead easily. Stainless-lined airpots have been a popular choice, especially for coffee shops, because of its durability and decent ability to maintain the temperature well.

Why should you get one?

A thermos bottle and an airpot do the same thing: store warm or cold liquids and maintain their temperature without using power. However, an airpot is more convenient to use compared to a thermos. The airpot’s spigot, operated by either an easy-to-press button or a simple lever, makes it so much easier to pour drinks. You don’t need to lift the entire bottle to get some fine drinks, unlike a thermos. This is also why coffee shops use them: they store their coffee in airpots placed on the counter for customers to get themselves. It’s a great self-serving system that works conveniently.

Airpots are perfect for serving hot drinks since they lessen the risks of burning the drinkers. They’re also very portable and can be propped up on any flat surface. They don’t need to be powered, saving you some of the electricity bills. The ease of use and comfort it provides make airpots a great coffee or tea companion.

Other Considerations

You can choose a button or a lever for your airpot. Although more likely up to preference, buttons can pinch some users if they’re not very careful. Levers can also be locked if you don’t want it to dispense anymore. Color is a non-consideration since most airpots on an airpot supplier have a furnished stainless-steel finish on them. If you want it to look fancy, some do offer more colorful choices. Size is also more of preference, and capacity ranges from 1L up to 5L.


If you love coffee or tea, and you like them piping hot, and you like to bring them everywhere, then an airpot might be perfect for you. The portability and convenience of airpots make them a perfect companion for picnics, company breakrooms, and even in the comforts of your kitchen.


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