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A Guide to Choosing Winter Glove

A Guide to Choosing Winter Glove

Keeping warm in winter is crucial, especially for regions where winter can reach a freezing point of -50°F. In some areas, temperatures remain low for most of the year, making gloves a year-round clothing article. Choosing the right winter gloves is crucial to keeping your hands warm during cold winter months. In this article, we are going to discuss how to choose the best winter gloves.

Factors to Consider When Picking Out Winter Gloves

When picking out winter gloves, it is essential to consider your gender, age, basal metabolic rate, and lastly, individual activity levels. Younger people create more heat as compared to older people. Men have also been noted to produce more body heat (energy) than women. However, the more active you are engaged in, the faster your gloves are going to wear out.

High basal metabolic rates and activity levels combined indicate that sweaty palms are a concern that would inform any buyer’s decision on whether to buy soft glove liners or the think ones.

Here are your must check tips

1. The Right Gloves for Your Winter

The Winter season never hits in a similar way around the world. For example, some places experience dry winter seasons, while others experience wet winters. Thus, choosing heavy winter gloves for mild winter will over-heat your hands. For wet winter seasons, gloves that have a moisture barrier are more suitable.

2. Choose the Right Insulating Material

Insulation is designed to trap some air in between your hands and gloves, and its this air-trapping feature that keeps your hands warm. Choosing the right insulation for your winter gloves is crucial. The right insulation should keep you warm at the lowest temperatures, just as well as the highest. Insulation should also absorb moisture. It is important to note that a winter glove has a minimum of two layers. One outer layer is made of materials such as nylon or leather and an inner insulating layer.

3. Consider Glove Liners

Harsh winters require an extra layer of protection for your hands. Insulated glove liners provide extra warmth and comfort for subzero temperatures. Additionally, mild winters may only get harsh in the night and early mornings, during which time wearing glove liners is advisable.

4. Switch Gloves for Mittens

The best winter gloves are no match for mittens. Mittens are a good alternative for gloves when temperatures drop drastically. Although the movement is restricted, mittens keep the air between fingers trapped, thus keeping them warm. Switching gloves for mittens is advisable for older people and anyone prone to getting cold.

5. Get the Right Fit

Winter gloves should fit in specific ways to keep your hands warm. There should be a little room between your finger and the tip of the glove to keep your fingers warm. The webbing between the fingers should not be crammed as this inhibits the functioning of the insulating material. Also, there should not be any gaps between the glove and the sleeve leaving the wrists exposed.

The Bottom Line

Winter is different in different parts of the world. Knowing what kind of winter you have makes choosing the right winter gloves easy. Also, different ages, genders, and basal metabolic rates are essential contributors to choosing the right winter glove. Choosing the right insulation, fit, and layering are good ways to keep your hands warm.


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