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Corded vs cordless electric screwdrivers

Corded vs cordless electric screwdrivers

There are different types of screwdrivers. To begin with, there are electric screwdrivers and non-electric screwdrivers. Under electric screwdrivers, there are corded and cordless screwdrivers. While both corded and cordless electric screwdrivers are used for the same purpose, however, there are few differences between the two which we will be discussing in the post.(Learn more about cordless one here

The difference between corded and cordless electric screwdrivers

Corded screwdrivers

  • Corded screwdrivers allow for intensive use as they generally offer more tightening torque as compared to the later. 
  • Another feature of corded screwdrivers is that they are lighter than the latter since they do not have the added weight of a battery. 
  • Corded screwdrivers cannot be used in a place where there is no power source as they have to be plugged in so that they can work.
  • The most common areas where corded electric screwdrivers are used are in mechanical workshops, industrial assembly areas and other areas where contractors work. The uses for corded electric screwdrivers are intensive 
  • Additionally, corded electric screwdrivers are designed to function on a single-phase mains supply of electricity. This means that anything other than this type of power would not function properly. 
  • Like all electric screwdrivers, corded screwdrivers need at least 32 volts or 40 volts of direct electrical current.
  • The downside to having a cord on a screwdriver is that the length of the cable may limit the functionality of the device. This is in terms of how much access the screwdriver has to the parts to be screwed and unscrewed as well. 
corded electric screwdrivers

Cordless electric screwdrivers

  • Cordless electric screwdrivers do not suffer the constraint of limitation that corded electric screwdrivers offer. 
  • Cordless electric screwdrivers can be used in all kinds of the environment as they do not need a power source to operate. 
  • The cordless screwdrivers are best for the assembly of furniture as they can be moved around without any restrictions.
  • The batteries in cordless screwdrivers make the screwdriver heavier than its counterpart. The standard weight for a screwdriver battery is two KGs, but some may weigh more than that. Most of these devices use lithium-ion batteries which also happen to be environmentally friendly. 
  • The strength of the batteries in a cordless screwdriver directly translates into the power of the tightening torques, the speed of rotation and the general functionality of the device. The capacity of the battery also influences the level of autonomy of the device. 

Electric screwdriver designs

There are different designs of electric screwdrivers:

  • Straight- these electronic devices feature the body in the screwing axis and are used primarily for workstations from which they can be suspended from a winding system.
  • Right-angled- they feature an angled body for a better grip
  • Pistol- also feature an angled body.

Bottom Line

There are those screwdrivers that feature a system for adjusting the torque and the speed of rotation of the crews. This feature is suitable, especially when working with different types of materials (soft or hard). When deciding on which screwdriver to consider a brand that offers a complete cordless screwdriver set. 


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